Why do I have an obscure cPanel username? Can I change it? Print

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This is for the security of our accounts. All of our usernames and passwords are created automatically when you sign up. They are unique, but yet relatively easy to remember. Since your main username is often also a part of your website paths, your pre-installed applications might break once the username is changed. For example, if you use the popular Gallery application to display pictures and images on your website, gallery will have the absolute path to your gallery albums hardcoded in its configuration file: /prefix/username/public_html (where prefix is the path to the harddrive you are on and username is your main username) If you ask us to have your username changed to newusername, the actual path would now be /prefix/newusername/public_html and the Gallery application would no longer be able to find your albums. You would need to reconfigure your gallery application. The same principle applies to many other dynamic web applications. If you really wish to have your username changed, we can do that for you free of charge, but if you need assistance with applications that rely on your username, this will fall under our commercial support policy and you will be charged $10 per 15 minutes of work to fix any issues related to your change of the username.

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