What types of content are generally delivered using a CDN? Print

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Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are most effective in delivering rich media content—focused in three main categories: 
  • streaming
  • progressive downloading
  • caching
Streaming video, video that can be delivered live or on-demand, profits from the decreased latency provided with the use of EZCDN. Video streamed over EZCDN does not require the excessive buffering or suffer from the jitters experienced with traditional internet content delivery; and end users can access any portion of the video stream without waiting through long load or download times. Media downloads also experience increases in speed and decreases in latency with the use of EZCDN. EZCDN load balances the download route to deliver virtually any type of internet download to the end user, including: game downloads, new software, software upgrades, video, HD video, and audio. EZCDN is also the optimal solution for delivering cached content that may be static but is frequently accessed; used for companies that provide services such as online shopping, guided tour sites, social networking sites, financial sites, hotel and travel sites.

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