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A domain name, or web address, is a unique name that is associated with a top level domain (TLD). It provides an online identity and a contact point for your business, organization, or project. TLDs come in many forms but the most popular include .com, .net, and .org. There are also many country level domains (.us for the US, .br for Brazil, .it for Italy) available. You register your own domain name through the official registrar for the specific TLD. Your domain name is then used by users to access your website rather than attempting to remember the IP address that is assigned to the server. Entering the domain name in the browser will take the user to your website. Originally, .com extensions were intended for commercial sites, while .net's were intended for use by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and .org's by non-profit organizations or groups. In realty, this classification is no longer accurate, and anybody can register a domain name with those extensions. We can assist you in registering your domain name through our partner – Wild West Domains or you can register the domain name yourself and point it at our nameservers. You can register a domain name through our partner registrar WildWestDomains during the order process.

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