What do I need to get started?

To get started with EZTranscode, you will need:
  • A FTP account where we can retrieve your media files from. All accounts larger or equal to EZOS S come with FTP accounts that can be managed through your cPanel. Order EZOS S. If your FTP server is outside our network, this is no problem for us either as long as your FTP server supports passive FTP.
  • An EZCDN account. The transcoded files will be delivered to your EZCDN account. We recommend a prepaid EZCDN account (vs. a monthly account) for beginners. Order EZCDN Pay as you Grow.
  • A free transcoding account. Get your free transcoding account.
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This is not possible yet. At this time, you are restricted to the predefined output formats. A...

How long will it take to transcode format A to format B?

Unfortunately, transcoding does not have set times for changing formats. Things such as resizing...

Is there a file size limit?

Not at this time, however we reserve the right to add one to prevent abuse in the future.

How can I transcode only part of the source file?

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