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Folder About EZOSHosting / Pre Sales (21)
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Questions and answers related to Google PageSpeed
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Article What payment methods do you accept?
Please see our Payment Options page for details.
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Article Why do I have an obscure cPanel username? Can I change it?
This is for the security of our accounts. All of our usernames and passwords are created automatically when you sign up. They are unique, but yet...
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Article What happens if I run out of bandwidth/data transfer?
You will receive several notifications by email once your allocated bandwidth reaches its limit. If your account reaches 100% of its assigned...
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Article I have been blocked by the server. What next?
You have been blocked by the server due to too many failed login attempts in a certain period of time. You either forgot your password and tried...
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Article I want to register my domain name now, what should I do?
Registering a domain name is really easy: 1) You may first one to check the availability of your domain name and see some suggestions. If you...
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